Trustees and Officers

Board of Trustees

Lisa Lori, Esquire, Chair of the Board

Mary Ann Conaboy Abrahamsen, Esquire

Sister Mary Ann Cody, IHM

Susan Cognetti

Sister Nancy DeCesare, IHM, Ph.D.

Pia Ferrario

Clayton S. Fitzhugh

Mary Lawler Murphy Fox, Ph.D.

Dr. Patrick J. Fricchione

James G. Gavin, M.S.W.

Maria C. Gogal

Bernadette Gray-Little, Ph.D.

Ann R. Henry, Ph.D.

Frank Kelleher

Reverend John M. Lapera

John Lawless

Sister Andrea J. Lee, IHM

Alejandra Marroquin

Mary Ellen McDonough, C.P.S.

Mary Kay Rotert

Daniel J. Santaniello

Paula Shields

Robert Tamburro

Trustees Emeriti

Michael Insalaco

Virginia Collins Shields

Ex-Officio Trustees

Sister Ellen Maroney, IHM

President of the Members of the Marywood University Corporation

Sister Mary Persico, IHM, Ed.D.

12th President of Marywood University

Executive Officers

Sister Mary Persico, IHM, Ed.D.,

President of the University

Susan C. Turell, Ph.D.,


Tammy J. McHale,

Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer

Renée Zehel, Ph.D.,

Vice President for University Advancement

Ann Boland Chase,

Vice President for Enrollment Services and Student Success

Mary Theresa G. Paterson, J.D.,

Secretary of the University and General Counsel

Administrative Officers

Frances M. Zauhar, Ph.D.,

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Lori E. Swanchak, Ph.D.,PA-C

Interim Dean, College of Health and Human Services

Jim Sullivan, M.ARCH., RA, AIA

Dean, College of Professional Studies

Additional Administrators

Meghan C. Cruciani, M.S.

Assistant Vice President for Student Success

Leslie Christianson, M.L.I.S.

Assistant Provost

Ross Novak, M.A.

Dean of Students

Wendy Yankelitis, M.B.A., C.M.F.C.*

Assistant Vice President for Buildings and Grounds