Special education Pre K-8 or 7-12 Autism Spectrum Disorders Endorsement Program

(12 credits; online)

The Autism Spectrum Disorders Endorsement offers educators, school psychologists, counselors, and other professionals coursework and practicum to work effectively with children and youth diagnosed with ASD. The 12-credit, fully online program is designed to develop and enhance effective educational, assessment, and collaborative practices to support educators, school districts, and community organizations.

A total of 80 hours (20 hours per class) of field practicum working with individuals with ASD is required.

Follow normal application procedures for admission to graduate programs of the University, indicating the desire to seek this certification. Candidates must possess a 3.00 average in all prior graduate work.

A background in education, psychology, communication disorders, or another related discipline is recommended.

Successfully complete twelve (12) semester hours in the following areas:

SPED 590Introduction to Autism Specrtum Disorder?Impaired


SPED 591


SPED 592Intrvntn/Instrctn for Students w/ Autsm


SPED 593


Level I or II Certification is required if seeking PA Department of Education (PDE) endorsement.

Those who do not hold Level I or II certification will not receive PDE endorsement but a certificate of completion will be issued after satisfactorily completing the ASD program.