School of Business and Global Innovation


Art Comstock, Ph.D., Executive Director and Chairperson

*Mark Choman, M.B.A., Ph.D.

*Jack Conway, M.B.A.

*William P. Cusick, M.B.A., C.P.A.

Uldarico Rex Dumdum, Jr., M.E., M.S., M.B.A., Ph.D., C.M.F.C.

*Dominick Gianuzzi, M.B.A.

*Stuart Frazier, M.B.A.

*Christopher Haran, M.S.

*Dana Harris, M.B.A., Ph.D.

*Stan Kania, M.B.A., Ph.D.

John Kim, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Monica Law, M.E., Ph.D.

*Charles J. Lipinski, M.B.A., D.B.A., C.M.F.C.

*Frank A. Marcin, J.D.

George Marcinek, M.B.A., C.P.A., C.M.F.C.

Joseph A. McDonald, ATP, FE, CFIA&I, MEI, BGI

*Robert McDonald, M.B.A.

*Cheryl Murnin, M.A.

*Anthony D. Nestico, M.B.A., CFI

*Michael O’Brien, J.D.

*Terry O’Brien, M.B.A.

Kerimcan Ozcan, M.S., M.A., Ph.D.

*Paula Ralston-Nenish, M.B.A., C.I.A.

Christopher Speicher, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Amy Washo, M.B.A.

*Marygrace Wilce, M.B.A., C.P.A.

*Michael Williamson, M.B.A., C.P.A.


Mission and Goals

Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), the undergraduate programs within the School of Business and Global Innovation (SBGI) enable students to acquire competencies necessary for a career in a variety of organizations, such as financial services, marketing, aviation, information systems, human resources, and governmental enterprises.

Mission Statement for the School of Business & Global Innovation

The School of Business & Global Innovation at Marywood University is committed to improving the world by inspiring and equipping students to acquire and develop their leadership competencies to meet the dynamic challenges of a knowledge-based global society and by nurturing values conducive to ethical and socially responsible behavior. Our educational programs promote academic excellence and scholarship through applied, experiential learning techniques that emphasize entrepreneurial solutions to business problems and that foster strong leadership qualities of integrity, accountability, and a disciplined work ethic in service to others.

The program seeks to enable the student to:

  1. develop an understanding of key business concepts, while learning to think critically and creatively in the interrelationship between these concepts and the overall aspects of life;
  2. develop an understanding of the fundamentals of business and how it relates to society;
  3. develop an ability to effectively read, write, and speak and to demonstrate technological literacy;
  4. demonstrate professional competence and leadership skills that will be used in meeting the human and business needs of today and are directed toward the well-being of future generations.