Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility

(21 semester hours)

The Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility will endorse an individual for appointment as a district superintendent.

Candidates for this post-master’s certification shall:

Follow normal application procedures for admission to the graduate program, indicating a desire to seek this certification. Candidates must possess a 3.00 average in all prior graduate work.

Successfully complete an interview after six credits prior to formal admission.

Successfully complete a minimum of 21 semester hours in the following areas:

EDUC 604School and Community Relations


EDUC 605Communication Theory and Organizational?Dynamics


EDUC 606Labor Relations and Negotiations


EDUC 607Business and Facilities Management


EDUC 608Superintendent Internship - Part I


EDUC 609Administrative Internship - Part II


EDUC 617School Ldrshp & Sp Educ


At the point of admission/acceptance, the chair of the School of Education will determine if the candidate has met all competencies as outlined by the State Department of Education. If it is determined that a candidate is lacking in an area typically part of the first administrative endorsement (principalship), more than 18 hours may be required.

Likewise, if a candidate has fulfilled some of the courses required for the Letter of Eligibility certification, the courses will not be repeated.

Provide evidence of six years of instructional, educational specialist, and supervisory and administrative service, of which at least three of the six years must have been in a supervisory or administrative capacity.

Pass the School Superintendent Assessment (use Praxis SLS Bulletin to register).

NOTE: The requirements discussed in this section are subject to change based on guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.