Grading, Records, and Transcripts

Grading System

To receive credit for a course, students must meet all course requirements. The responsibility for completing assigned work and for understanding material covered in class rests fully on the student.

Grades are recorded at the end of each semester and each summer session. Any inaccuracy must be reported in writing to the registrar immediately. Graduate level student coursework is graded according to the following scale:

A = 4.00
A- = 3.67
B+ = 3.33
B = 3.00
B- = 2.67
C+ = 2.33
C = 2.00
F = 0.00
F* = 0.00 Failure to resolve “I” grade; unofficial withdrawal
X = Temporary delay in reporting final grade
I - Incomplete
IP - In progress (restricted; used for grading certain Professional Contributions)
S - Satisfactory
U - Unsatisfactory
W - Withdrew officially
WP - Withdrew officially with passing grade
WF - Withdrew officially with failing grade
AD - Audit

The grade average expected of graduate students is “B.” Grades of “S” and “U” may be given to indicate satisfactory and unsatisfactory performance in institutes, seminars, or practicum-type courses. No course in which the grade earned is less than “C” is credited toward the degree. A “B” average is needed to graduate.

The “X” indicates that credit for the session’s work in the course is withheld pending completion of course requirements. Unlike the “I,” the “X” is initiated by the faculty member or, in certain circumstances, the registrar. The “X” grade must be resolved in the same manner as an “I” and will become a permanent “F*” if unresolved.

The standing “Incomplete” (I) is given to a student who has done satisfactory work in a course but has not completed the course requirements because of illness or some other emergency situation. The student must submit a written request for the grade “I” to the course instructor. (Forms are available at the Office of Academic Records or online at A faculty member is not permitted to assign “Incomplete” unless the student has requested it and is eligible under the above conditions. An “Incomplete” in a course taken for credit must be resolved within one month after the opening of the following semester or the grade becomes a permanent “F*” (or the grade designated by the faculty member on the “Incomplete Request Form”).

Flight practicums will be afforded the length of the next major semester beyond the term in which the temporary grade was recorded for resolution. At the conclusion of that semester, unresolved flight practicum grades will be converted to a permanent grade of “U” and must be repeated. In no case will students be allowed registration for a subsequent flight practicum until the outstanding temporary grade has been resolved.

The student is responsible for making satisfactory arrangements with the teacher for completion of course requirements. After an “Incomplete” or “X” has been changed to a failing grade, a student must retake the course concerned to obtain credit.

There is one exception to the “I” grade rule. This applies to Professional Contributions (555-0 credit). An “IP” will regularly be granted for up to one year in accordance with University policy.

The standing “Failure” (F or F*) indicates that the student has not obtained any credit for the semester’s work. If it is a required course, it must be repeated. However, a course may be repeated only one time.

Any grade, excluding “I” and “X,” is retained on the student’s record, but is removed from the computation of the QPA when a student retakes the course and earns a higher grade in the retake.

Academic Appeal

The document defining the policies and procedures for grade appeals can be obtained in the deans’ offices. The University Academic Appeals Process is followed for other academic related events and/or student grievances. Marywood University recognizes the need to assure students a prompt, impartial, and fair hearing of their grievances related to academic matters. A student who feels that s/he has been treated unfairly or unjustly by instructional staff, chair, or dean with regard to an academic matter has a right to grieve according to approved procedures available in deans’ offices. Note: The University’s Civil Rights Policy and Grade Appeals policy supersede this Student Academic Grievance policy. Students may reference the Academic Appeal section in the University online Student Handbook for academic grievance procedures or contact their dean’s office.

Academic Records

A student who believes that an error has been made in assignment of a grade must initiate immediate contact with the instructor of the course; any changes made by the faculty member must be made within 90 days of the end of the semester for which the grade was assigned, or in the case of resolution of a temporary grade (“I” or “X”), within 90 days of the filing of that grade.

The student is responsible for reporting to the Office of Academic Records any other error on the academic record within 30 days after a grade or other academic record report is made available to the student. Marywood University will not be liable for unreported errors on student records.


A transcript is issued only upon the written request of the student. A transcript form (or letter) should be submitted for each transcript requested. Transcript forms are available at the Office of Academic Records or on the Registrar’s web page on the Marywood University website.

An official transcript (one bearing the school seal) is normally sent directly to the school district, business, etc., indicated by the student. An unofficial student copy may be sent directly to a student upon request. A fee is charged for each transcript.

Marywood University will not forward the transcript of any student who has a financial indebtedness to the institution.

Confidentiality of Student Records

Marywood University intends to comply fully with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended. This act was designated to protect the privacy of educational records, to establish the right of students to inspect and review their educational records, and to provide guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data through informal and formal hearings. A policy statement explains in detail the procedures to be used by Marywood for compliance with the provisions of the act. Copies of the policy statement can be found in the Office of the Registrar, the Offices of the Deans, and on the University website.

Students may also reference Policies and Procedures in the University Student Handbook.