Psychological Services Center

The Psychological Services Center (PSC) is an outpatient mental health clinic. The PSC exists in order to support two important goals:

To train graduate students enrolled in Psychology and Counseling programs.

To make quality, low-cost mental health services available to both the University and the local communities.

The PSC provides diagnostic outpatient evaluation, intervention, and referral services for children, adolescents, and adults; daytime and evening appointments are available. Educational and geriatric assessment services are also provided.

Evaluation services include diagnostic, interviewing procedures as well as formal psychological, personality, and educational testing. Intervention services include individual therapy, marital/couples therapy, family therapy, play therapy, parent training, and brief consultations to individuals, families, and organizations. Educational services include the delivery of informative presentations and the dissemination of written materials.

Graduate students enrolled in Psychology and Counseling practicum courses have the opportunity, pending instructor approval, to provide clinical and educational services to PSC clients. Graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in other Psychology and Counseling classes may also use the clinic, pending instructor approval, for role-play activities. Licensed faculty members closely supervise all clinical activity that is conducted by graduate students, through the use of video recordings, live observation, and individual and group supervision.

The PSC is a cutting-edge training facility. The physical plant consists of ten clinical rooms, each of which contains video recording equipment. Each clinical room also has an adjacent observation area that affords students and faculty the opportunity to observe clinical activity. Also available in the clinic are a wide assortment of psychological tests and behavior rating scales, computerized scoring and interpretation programs for the more frequently used assessment tools, a wide array of treatment manuals and clinically oriented references, a collection of developmentally appropriate toys for play assessments and therapy, biofeedback equipment, electronic records system, and a number of desktop and laptop computers.

All clinical activity that occurs within the PSC is practiced in accord with the ethical and legal requirements of the American Psychological Association, the American Counseling Association, the National Association of School Psychologists, and the Pennsylvania Board of Professional Psychology. To that end, strict professional standards of informed consent, privacy, and confidentiality are maintained.

The staff of the PSC consists of a full-time director, a clinic administrative assistant, graduate assistants, and graduate students who provide clinical and educational services, and the licensed Psychology faculty, who supervise the graduate students. To make an appointment to receive services at the PSC, please call (570) 348-6269. Clinic hours and other related information may be found on the clinic website at