Student Honors

Recognition of Academic Excellence

The following medals are awarded to eligible graduate students at Commencement:

William G. Mcgowan Medal for Excellence in Doctoral Studies

Established in honor of William G. McGowan, a founder of MCI Communications Corporation, by the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund.

Sister St. Agnes Medal for Excellence in Business

Founded by Ms. Angela Moran in honor of her sister, Sister St. Agnes Moran, IHM.

Loretta Haggerty Medal for Leadership and Academic Excellence in Counselor Education

Established by the trustees of the estate of Loretta Haggerty.

Ella T. Ruane Medal for Excellence in Art

Established in memory of Ella T. Ruane by her niece, Hazel F. Ruane.

Francis L. and Kathryn Melvin Medal for Excellence in Scholarly Investigation

Founded by Sister M. Constance Melvin, IHM, in honor of her parents.

Sister M. Eva Connors, IHM, Peace Medal

Founded in memory of Sister M. Eva Connors, IHM, this medal is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student.

Clarence C. and Elizabeth Walton Medal for Excellence in Public Administration

Established by Dr. Clarence C. Walton to promote ethical and effective administrative leadership.

Polizzi Medal for Scholarship and Community Service

Founded by The Student Association, School of Social Work, in memory of Anthony C. Polizzi.

Geffen Medal for Outstanding Performance in Practicum Education

Founded by Friends and Co-Workers in memory of Albert Geffen.

Thomas J. Keenan M.D. Medal for Excellence in Physician Assistant Program

(academically and community service) Founded by Mrs. Mary Keenan Hecht in honor of her brother, Thomas J. Keenan, M.D.