Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Program Requirements for Nursing Majors (80 credits: 55 nursing credits and 25 cognate credits)

The student must earn 42 credits (or 30 credits if transferring from an institution with which Marywood University has signed an articulation agreement formalizing a thirty-credit degree completion) at Marywood University to be awarded a Marywood University degree.

Courses in the Nursing major must be scheduled in proper sequence. This requires nursing faculty advisement before each registration period. Prior to enrolling in any nursing courses, students must have an overall QPA of ≥ 3.00 and ≥ 3.00 in cognate courses required for the major. Students must maintain an overall QPA of 3.00. Less than a 3.00 QPA will result in dismissal from the program.

In addition, students who do not achieve a satisfactory grade in a nursing or cognate course may repeat one nursing course one time only, space permitting.

Students who earn a grade less than a 2.00 (“C”) in two nursing courses will be dismissed from the nursing program. For science cognate courses with a class and lab requirement, the student must receive a “B” or better in each component of the course. A laboratory is considered a course in and of itself.

Note: At the end of the program a commercial achievement exit exam will be administered. During the semester prior to graduation of the Senior Academic year, the Comprehensive Predictor Test will be given. This test is very important in preparing for NCLEX-RN. The Comprehensive Predictor Test is a 180-item assessment designed to reflect the content areas of the current NCLEX-RN test plan. The student must achieve a 72% on the ATI Comprehensive Predictor Test in order to obtain the required signature from the Director of the Nursing Department on the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing-Nursing Education Verification Form. If the student does not achieve a 72% on the ATI Comprehensive Predictor Test, the student will be required to remediate by creating a Focused Review to identify content weaknesses and, one week later, take a second ATI Comprehensive Predictor Test and achieve the benchmark score. The student who does not achieve the benchmark score on the ATI Comprehensive Predictor after two attempts will need to continue to remediate as above. The student will continue to take the ATI Comprehensive Predictor Test until the benchmark has been achieved for this test. The cost of the additional retakes will be the student’s responsibility and the student will be required to pay prior to retaking the ATI Comprehensive Test.

Nursing Credit Requirements (80 credits: 55 nursing credits, 25 cognate credits)

Major Cognates Core Electives Needed to Graduate
Nursing 55 25 40 0 120

Cognate Courses

BIOL 121Anatomy and Physiology I


BIOL 122Anatomy and Physiology II


BIOL 121LAnatomy and Physiology I Laboratory


BIOL 122LAnatomy and Physiology II Laboratory


BIOL 114Microbiology for the Healthcare?Professional


BIOL 114LMicrobiology for the Healthcare?Professional Lab


CHEM 121Principles of Chemistry


CHEM 121LPrinciples of Chemistry Lab


ND 112Nutrition I


Approval Status/Accreditation

The Nursing Program has been granted approval status by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing. Upon graduation with the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, graduates not previously licensed to practice nursing will be eligible to apply to take the Registered Nurse Licensure Examination (NCLEX). The baccalaureate degree in nursing program at Marywood University is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

It is the policy of the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing to deny licensure to any graduate who has been convicted of a felony related to a controlled substance, with certain exceptions. The term “convicted” includes a judgment, an admission of guilt, or a plea of nolo contendere. Any student or prospective student to whom this policy may apply should contact the State Board of Nursing for advisement.