Clinical Psychology Track

Clinical Psychology Track (48 credits)

The 48-credit Clinical Track involves preparation for professional careers in clinical psychology and related areas, including but not limited to counseling, school psychology, and neuropsychology.

The Clinical Track is available for those majors who desire employment in the field immediately after graduation and/or who seek to pursue graduate study in clinical psychology or related areas. Similar to the General Psychology Track, the Clinical Psychology Track includes four foundation courses that focus on the science of psychology, five core courses that address the major subfields in psychology, and a culminating senior seminar course. In addition to the requirements of the General Psychology Track, the Clinical Psychology Track requires a four-course sequence focused on clinical psychology. Students select an additional six elective credits with recommendations provided by the Department. Finally, the Clinical Psychology Track also requires that the student maintains at least a 3.3 QPA in Psychology and a general overall QPA of 3.0.

Honors Research

Honors Research is another important alternative in our curriculum. Students who are interested in pursuit of graduate study in any area of psychology are particularly advised of the importance of honors research in facilitating advanced study. Honors Research in Psychology requires the maintenance of a QPA of 3.25 in Psychology and 3.00 overall. Honors research in Psychology involves completion of PSYC 399 and PSYC 452 along with presentation of the results of this research. Psychology 478 is part of the University Honors Program. Students are encouraged to take Psychology 310, Research Apprenticeship, early in their coursework (e.g., sophomore year) to gain additional research experience.

Accelerated Programs

Highly motivated, qualified students may begin graduate study in Psychology or Counseling in the senior year of the baccalaureate program, through cooperation with the Graduate Psychology and Graduate Counseling programs in the department. Qualified students may earn up to twelve graduate credits which can be counted toward the undergraduate degree requirements

General Requirements — All Students

PSYC 211, General Psychology, as part of the general liberal arts curriculum, fulfills the Social Sciences requirement and is a prerequisite of all other psychology courses. It is hoped that study in Psychology will aid the student in acquiring self- knowledge and gaining understanding of the scientific nature of the field. PSYC 211 attempts to enhance student skills in critical thinking, information literacy, research literacy and awareness of diversity issues.