Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Support

Transition to College

Orientation for new students consists of a series of events designed to assist in the transition to college life. Prior to enrolling in classes, students participate in assessment activities and are introduced to the concepts of curriculum planning, course selection, and departmental and liberal arts requirements. During the summer orientation program, students meet with a faculty advisor to discuss academic goals and student schedules for the upcoming semester.

Academic Advisors

All students are assigned an academic advisor at the beginning of their studies at Marywood. Academic advisors have the responsibility of assisting students with programs of study which will meet student needs and capabilities as well as liberal arts core and departmental requirements. Each semester, faculty advisors meet with students to develop schedules of courses prior to registration for the upcoming sessions. Academic advisors also play an important role in providing direction, support, mentorship, and referrals to university resources for any needed specialized assistance.

International students and students with disabilities may receive additional academic advising support. Students interested in these services should contact the appropriate office on campus for information.

Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to meet all requirements for his or her major program and general requirements for all students. Marywood University is committed to helping students become active in this decision-making process.

University Graduation Requirements

A student must earn a minimum of 120 credits in order to graduate. Included in this number are one’s major and minor program requirements, which vary from program to program, as well as up to 45 credits of general requirements (depending on possible waivers). Students in programs requiring less than 120 total credits will be expected to fulfill the remaining credits in other ways—such as with additional electives, a second major or a minor.